Mayflower Information

Mayflower Chapter of ATHA

Mayflower Chapter Information

Our chapter has grown considerably in the past year and we welcome the many new members. We know you’ll be excited and inspired by the distinguished guests visiting us in the course of this year’s program. We are fortunate to have an ATHA chapter with members willing to contribute generously to make our meetings enjoyable and provide opportunities to learn and share. Volunteers may be needed to assist with events and projects and we hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to get involved. .

The Treasure Table will continue to provide an opportunity for members to sell or donate items. Please indicate the price (if any) and your name if you would like to be paid for the item. If you are compensated for an item, it is expected that you will donate 10% of the proceeds to the Mayflower Chapter. Proceeds for unmarked items benefit the Mayflower Chapter.

Members should plan to bring their own lunch/snacks and are welcome to bring something to share with the group, should they choose. We are going back to the “Alphabet Method” for refreshments. Based on the first letter of your last name, you should plan to bring a snack. If you can’t make a meeting or you forget to bring something, just bring a snack to the next meeting you attend.To minimize cleanup, we ask that you be considerate by removing leftover food you bring and picking up your rug scraps. Just a reminder to everyone: we need to straighten up, sweep and take out the trash at the end of each meeting. If people can pitch in, that really helps!

Don’t forget to “Bring a Mug to Save a Rug”.

New Challenge :

Challenge for 2018 is Fairy Tales and Myth & Legends. Pieces will be displayed in October 2018


If you’d like to own one (or more!) of these fine mugs, please let Sue Sweetser or Janice Oberlander know. They are ceramic, microwave and dishwater safe (except for the cover), and cost $15.00 each. They would make a nice gift for yourself or a friend, and you’ll be helping to raise a little bit of money for the Mayflower Chapter. It’s a win-win!

Need a Nametag?

A big thank you to Elizabeth Conrad who created new name tags for all the members (at her expense)! We greatly appreciate your effort. As a reminder, please leave your nametag in the basket provided before you leave. This way, you will always have it for each meeting.


Dues are due by the end of May ($25); checks should be made out to ATHA Mayflower and given or mailed to Ildi Tary, along with the membership form. All chapter members must also belong to ATHA.


We are always looking for fun ways to raise money to help us get more great speakers and teachers. One idea we will try out is having a raffle at each meeting for one item of value (donated by a member), such as a really nice pattern, wool, or other item (it doesn’t have to be rug related). If you have an item to donate, have ideas for fundraising or would like to volunteer in some capacity, please contact one of the board members. Thank you!


We need your help identifying potential speakers and/or programs for next year. Who would you like to see? What program would you like to have? Share your talent! We have some great talent right here in our chapter. Please consider sharing a lesson, idea or anything of interest to the group. Please contact Judy Carvalho with suggestions for outside speakers, to volunteer, or for more information.