Meetings 2014-2015

Mayflower Chapter of ATHA

Welcome back meeting, September 20, 2014

President Jenna Sleeper welcomed us back after the summer break. Challenge participants displayed their finished nametags

Gail Majauckas Workshop, October 18, 2014

We had another raffle with handmade items, gently used antiques, rug related goods, and other items. We also had Cushing dyes to sell really cheap (donation). Gail Majauckas held a workshop to make an autumn greeter to hang on your door. The pattern was a big pumpkin with a black cat looking over the top of it and is printed on linen (7x18”).

Bring Your Own Work, November 15, 2014

Today’s meeting was a Hook in, which included a sale of Rug Hooking magazines for $1.00 and dyebooks for $2.00. The bulk of our books fill a plastic tub that will be kept in the storage room along with our kitchen supplies. Now we will be able to access our library books monthly. If you have any outstanding library books, please return them so that others can benefit.

Holiday Pot Luck Lunch, December 20, 2014

At our annual Christmas meeting the board members donated two hooking-themed baskets that were raffled off to a lucky winner. We also had two optional gift exchanges. One was a traditional gift exchange of a giftwrapped item (of any type) valued at $20. The other was a handmade mat or similar item, approx. 9 x 9. Refreshments were a delicious potluck.

Jenna brought wool, including braiding wool, which was sold to benefit the chapter as well as a Puritan rug stand.

 Michele Micarelli has offered to do another workshop weekend next year for people who may be interested. We had an absolutely GREAT time at the Nov  21st getaway! She is asking for possible themes. If you have any ideas, let Jenna know.

Jon Cimewicz, January 17, 2015

Our January meeting also included lots of donated wool, patterns, dyes, etc for sale. As someone said, it was like “Filene’s Basement” with all the activity! Our January meeting featured a presentation by Jon Cimewicz on adding dimension. When he first started hooking, Jon told us he was interested in finding something to do when he retired. He saw a demonstration and signed up for a class, but was never called. Turns out, the instructor did not want to teach a man to hook rugs! Eventually, someone taught him the craft and he has been hooking ever since, and is well known for his work.

Janet Connors, Proddy Flowers March 28, 2015

In March we enjoyed an entertaining visit from Janet Conner of Hiram, Maine who showed us how to create beautiful proddy flowers. She gave us a little history about herself and how she began “engineering” flowers in January as a result of “post- traumatic” Christmas timing.

Janet studied with Heather Ritchie and is currently interested in fine art, including horses. She displayed a wide array of creative applications, including proddy flowers, traditional rug hooking, small punch needle rugs, and even her husband’s hand carved proddy hooks.

Ginny Shannon, Mandala Workshop, April 11, 2015

Ginny Shannon led a wonderful workshop on Mandalas. She took us through the history of mandalas and the meanings of their designs and colors. She then explained how to use the color wheel and had participants experiment with different color combinations on trial mandalas to better understand the relationships of colors chosen. Ginny had many mandalas to show us that she had hooked, giving us lots of ideas and inspiration.

Those hooking a mandala for the Challenge will be bringing their pieces to our September meeting to share.

Jenna brought more items for sale—cutters, blades, dye booklets, dye spoons, magazines and possibly some wool. If anyone is looking for a rug stand, Jenna has a Puritan rug stand, but she would rather not lug it in unless someone wants it.

Cynthia Dabroski showed her rug based on an ancient map of Jerusalem and Jane Sittnick showed her rug made with native material and using Guatemalan styles.

Bring Your Own Work, May 16, 2015

Jenna and helpers displayed a large amount of wool on tables at the head of the room and members were told that they must wait until 10 am to shop. It was about like Filene’s basement wedding dress sale ! Included were a cutter, old dye books, but primarily wool. Even those members that arrived late were still able to make selections at more than fair prices. A grand total for this fund raiser will be announced later. Wool was donated by Jean Jones, Jenna’s mother. All had fun hooking, eating and socializing.There was no special speaker.

Big Bee, June 13, 2015

The June meeting was a rescheduling of the BIG BEE, normally held annually in February. Due to the immense winter snowfall in January and February, the town of Reading would not allow street parking, so officials at the UU Church asked for a cancellation. We decided to postpone until June and combine it with the annual Strawberry Festival.

Wool vendors were available. These included Ania Knapp, Michelle Micarelli, and more wool from Jean Jone’s stash.

Jenna Sleeper announced that thanks to Jean Prato, we will be moving next year to the St.Agnes Church around the corner on Woburn St. in Reading. More parking and no fee for setting up the room, better lighting, etc. will be of a benefit to the group.

Show and tell included: Jeannie Crocket two rugs with original designs including “No more animals for me; Jane Sittnick: owl, rug hooking, braiding, and appliqué; Jenna Sleeper: lion, a large rug, a M. Micarelli design

They were eleven door prizes distributed.